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ISSUE 115 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/22/2002

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Manitou Messenger In-Depth Report: Health Services in for a check-up

The policies and array of services offered by the Student Health Center have changed throughout the years. Up until 1980 St. Olaf provided students with a full-service hospital employing a full-time doctor and nurse. As the needs of students and the campus have morphed, so too has the health center’s services.

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Active on campus but not in dating

Returning to a campus of under 4,000 after transferring to University of Boulder is a difficult adjustment. Adding to the situation is the contrast of coming back to the hill from one of the top five party schools. more...


- A word from our editors ... Community time
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St. Olaf Choir home concert hits high note

On Feb. 17, the 74-member St. Olaf Choir concluded its tour that took them to Washington D.C. and back again with its eighteenth performance in 19 days. more...


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This is a Test

Lorum ipsum dolar sit amet. Lorum ipsum dolar sit amet. Lorum ipsum dolar sit amet. Lorum ipsum dolar sit amet. more...


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Rigging the Rings

Last week’s doubles figure skating fiasco, in which a French judge felt "pressured" to give lower marks to a Canadian couple, has sparked an Olympic-sized controversy... more...


- The glorious sounds of St. Olaf music ensembles
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