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ISSUE 115 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/15/2002

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English encounter focus of talk

Students met Mar. 7 for the World Issues Dialogue in the Trollhaugen dining room, where Amanda Renneke ’02, Alex Morf ‘03 and Brent Larsen ’02 presented and answered questions on their experiences in England, where they attended Lancaster University. "You expect bad food and rainy weather," said Morf, explaining his preconceived notions of England. The presenting students all shared how living in England expanded their conception of the culture and society of the country.

A touch of personal communication

Time may be the most precious resource in today’s society. Allocation of time is a daily battle, yet some individuals strive to dispense their time in unselfish ways. more...


- Light in the darkness: living six months in fear
- Time for a ‘senior moment’: with graduation looming, nostalgia and anxiety take hold
- Bush looks for domestic energy sources
- more opinions...

St. Olaf Band reveals its British affinity

The St. Olaf Band began their brisk British repertoire at precisely 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening in Skoglund. The program, “An Evening of British Music for Band,” ran without intermission for the 200-plus audience members. more...


- Circle celebrates women in arts
- Margot Wagner, Ellis belt it out
- Five chosen soloists don’t miss a beat
- more arts...

Oles husk Cobbers 5-4

March usually means dirt and mud occupy the land that we know to be St. Olaf. Snowfall is done and the rain has come. more...


- Three Oles post strong results at nationals
- March Madness
- Morf wrestles his way to nationals
- more sports...

For what it'$ worth

Stav Hall and local restaurants certainly have their charms, but if youre ready to take your taste buds on a tour of the fun and funky, youre in luck. Weve found ten great restaurants North of Northfield that are truly worth it. more...


- more variety...
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