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ISSUE 115 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/12/2002

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ABC television personality John Stossel to speak on Tues.

Next Tuesday, John Stossel will speak at St. Olaf for the Political Awareness Committee’s (PAC) spring event. His visit is co-sponsored by Young America’s Foundation and the College Republicans.

Crime wave strikes Hoyme hall

Two separate burglary incidences were reported in locked rooms on April 2, in Hoyme Hall bringing the total number of burglaries this academic year to six.

Catholic clergy center of scandal

Over the past two months, the Catholic religion has been besieged by accusations that numerous clergymen have been engaged in sexual scandals involving underage victims.

Sending a hawk to do a dove’s job

As tanks and an estimated 20,000 soldiers pulled out of Palestinian territories last month, Middle Eastern nations took the time to wipe the sweat off their brows, and Dick Cheney arrived for talks in the Israeli-Palestinian region apparently armed with an olive branch. more...


- Buntrock’s fraud can’t be hidden
- Class participation becomes a game
- Oprah’s book club has much to offer
- more opinions...

Miller uses dance to provoke social change

"I'm really hoping that the audience reacts," said Sarah Miller about her senior concert. more...


- Multi-talented Jarvi blends cultures and styles
- Picasso at the Lapin Agile to explore all sides of creative genius
- Ron George shakes that tembellan
- more arts...

Oles step it up at national meet: Swimming and Diving break school, National records at Division II

The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams celebrated their successful season with an impressive finale at Nationals. The Division III championships were held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio sponsored by The College of Wooster. more...


- Halbrook going strong: Senior rugby player keeps team alive
- Baseball regroups with opener
- Curlers ‘rock’ solid at tourney
- more sports...

Winners can't stop talking

Last month's Oscar ceremony was so long that even Best Actress winner Halle Berry wanted it to end. Even though the show clocked in at a whopping four hours and 17 minutes, there were just enough surprises to keep everyone entertained. Here are the highlights. more...


- Culture through photos
- Oscar fashion in all its glamour
- Have you ever wondered how to create your own bronze sculpture?
- more variety...
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