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ISSUE 116 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/6/2002

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Penalties given to protestors

On Jan. 27, St. Olaf students Loring Harkness IV ’03 and Dan Marx ’06 appeared in a federal court in Columbus, Ga. to plead their case regarding acts of civil disobedience performed at the annual School of the Americas (SOA) protest. Harkness and Marx were among 83 arrested during the Nov. 17 protest at the Fort Benning Army Base and charged with trespassing on federal property. Both students pleaded guilty and were sentenced to one year of probation, a $500 fine and 250 hours of community service.

Media bows to corporate pressue

You won't find many signs of resistance against the actions of Bush's war-mongering, oil-thirsty Administration in mainstream US media sources. That's because the corporate media, which benefits financially when instep with blind patriotic fervor, doesn't want the US public to know about the large-scale opposition the Bush Administration faces when it comes to issues such as war with Iraq more...


- Pacifism derails at Berkeley
- Protest disgraces college name
- more opinions...

Students meet 50,000 word challenge

While many St. Olaf students spent November writing term papers or preparing for exams, students Bethany Jacobson ‘06, Pamela Sersen ‘06 and Sarah Lawver ‘04 each attempted to write their own 50,000-word novel as part of an event sponsored by, in commemoration of National Novel Writing Month. more...


- Topics art class intensively explores 'segue'
- International Night to show backgrounds
- Kline listens to community concerns on education, war
- more arts...


- more sports...

Holiday Craze

Bursting into the shopping frenzy a mere five hours after Thanksgiving Day, holiday shoppers tried to make up for the shortened Christmas shopping season. more...


- Add a unique touch this season with creative holiday gift ideas
- Intriguing holiday sites bring cheer
- A sneak peek into wellness
- more variety...
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