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ISSUE 116 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/28/2003

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Resolution pushes Iraq to disarm

U-WIRE – The United States, Britain and Spain submitted a joint resolution to the United Nations Security Council Monday declaring that Iraq is not disarming as required by the governing body's vote last fall.

Allegations of oil conspiracy fail to implicate administration

There are two ways to win a debate: destroy the opposition's arguments or destroy their credibility. The opponents of an Iraqi war seem to be getting most of their traction with the second tactic more...


- War would right mistakes of past
- Roast 'RICH' in satire
- Airport security a hub of inequality
- more opinions...

St. Olaf Choir sends voices westward

Late in the evening, on Feb. 17, members of the St. Olaf choir arrived back on campus from performing together on the west coast. Overall, they performed 18 concerts, including two pre-tour concerts in Wisconsin. The choir traveled to Arizona, California and Oregon and finished in Washington. In the end the choir sang their five-set concert to around 19,000 fans, including St. Olaf alumni and family stationed on the west coast. more...


- Hip-hop dance unites multi-cultural crowd
- Jones sweeps Grammys
- more arts...

High Hopes heading to Tahoe slopes

To say last weekend was a success for the men’s and women’s alpine ski teams would be an understatement. Both squads took home first place trophies at the regional tournament, positioning themselves strongly for the national meet set to take place at Lake Tahoe Tuesday through Friday. more...


- Swimming leaves MIAC in wake
- Making 'Kontak't wherever you can
- Men's track gears up for Qualifiers at Collegeville
- more sports...

Animated history lesson: Series places historical figures in high school setting

Joan of Arc is in love with Abe Lincoln. However, Abe’'s trying to hook up with Cleopatra, who just broke up with JFK for the 20th time. more...


- American viewers sit, enjoy hot cup of 'Joe'
- D'oh! Look who's celebrating 300 episodes
- Fashion police encourage flirty pieces
- more variety...
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