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ISSUE 116 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/7/2003

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Debate sparks dialogue

The bubble of the Hill broke open last Wednesday when students engaged in a lively debate over impending U.S. involvement in the disarmament of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Pause safety questioned, examined

In light of recent events in nightclubs in Chicago and Rhode Island, many students find themselves wondering how safe are they in their own St. Olaf "nightclub" – the Pause.

Armbands display war sentiments

“Books Not Bombs” was the name of the day nationwide, but bands not books was the theme Wednesday on the St. Olaf campus. Armbands, that is.

Democrats betray minorities by blocking circuit judge appointment

Democrats assert themselves as the voice of the voiceless, proudly recalling their days as the party that carried the Civil Rights Banner of the 1960’s. But a pendulum swing in America’s leftist platform has turned the once compassionate Democrats into heartless politicians. The one-time liberators have become the oppressors. more...


- Irrational spending fuels budget woes
- A grateful remembrence
- Affirmative action pleas fall on deaf ears
- more opinions...

Requiem comes up roses

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Duruflé and Benjamin Britten are all composers whose requiem masses are among their best-known works. To that list we can now add current St. Olaf student Jocelyn Hagen ‘03, whose 40-minute opus for choir and orchestra, "Ashes of Roses," debuted in Boe Chapel on Sunday. more...


- All she wants to do is dance...with boys
- Faculty showcases talents
- Wilson jazzes it up
- more arts...

Men's track hosts 'Qualifier'

The St. Olaf men’s track and field team ended the regular indoor season this past Saturday by hosting “The Qualifier”, a meet designed to allow athletes to chase fast times, long throws, and massive jumps without the pressure of team scores. more...


- Different Strokes
- Old school players to new school fools
- The rise and fall of the boxing empire
- more sports...

Uncovered: Truth behind the myths

Maybe it is our need to be something other than normal that makes St. Olaf students cling to rumors. Have you ever heard a student boast that Julia Roberts applied here? Have your friends ever tried to discover if there was once a brewery in Thorson Hill or argued over the true circumstances surrounding the death of the “red cap boy?” more...


- Local restaurant serves up ‘tres bon’ cuisine
- Sister Speaks
- Critic's Corner
- more variety...
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