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ISSUE 116 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/14/2003

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‘Essence of Bean’ serves up dialogue

Twice a week, Betsy Ortmann ’04 transforms Thorson Hall’s main lounge into "The Essence of Bean," the popular coffee shop that opened at the beginning of second semester. Whiffs of espresso, echoes of guitar melodies, pleasant voices and friendly chatter fill the room every Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00-10:30 p.m., offering all students a new escape from chaos.

Admission policies spawn controversy: Affirmative action, legacy admittance become national focus

On April 1, the Supreme Court will hear one of the most controversial affirmative action cases in the nation’s history.

Priest urges shutdown of School of Americas

Father Roy Bourgeois spoke out against the School of the Americas (SOA) in a lecture entitled "Close the SOA" on March 6 during Chapel and Community Time. The focus of his lecture was on educating people about the SOA and on providing information about the SOA Watch.

Ridge raises fear factor

I'm too busy to be scared. I have a nasty nasal cough, a paralyzing to-do list and occasionally even have to attend class. Fear of the grade on my last astronomy test is about the only thing I worry about right now. So what if our country is on orange alert? more...


- Israel makes dangerous possibilities
- T-shirts flaunt brutal fascist
- Feminists split by politics
- more opinions...

The 'Prince' of the Pause

Michael Gulezian has never been shy about saying exactly what he thinks about St. Olaf. Saturday night, students repaid the compliment by showing up 604 strong in the Pause for his recorded performance. "This is my favorite place to play in the whole world," Gulezian said. "Period." more...


- Shoger reveals inspired life
- 'Happy Apple' gives what doctor ordered
- St. Olaf percussion plays distant drums
- more arts...

Adrenaline rush: Mid-distance carries ladies into fifth place

The women’s track and field team has always prided itself on having the strongest middle distance team in the conference. This was evident last weekend at the MIAC Indoor Championship Meet. Ole athletes running events from 600 to 3000 meters scored 52 of the team’s 77 points, leading them to a fifth place finish. more...


- Adrenaline rush: Ole men race to third-place finish at home
- Unmasking the Ole
- '... It'd be so empty without sports'
- more sports...

Campus Cribs

College students may not live like celebrities, but comfort and creativity can bring out the best in any home more...


- Safety truly transcends writing tickets: Student gains the perspective of a public safety officer
- Speed dating prevails in world of singles
- Coveted loft living cherished by residents
- more variety...
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