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ISSUE 116 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/11/2003

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Major decisions: First-years examine future options

Most students know that deciding on a major can be both tough and stressful. This past Wednesday’s three-hour major fair was held in the Buntrock Commons Crossroads with just that in mind.

Truth edited from 'Bowling'

“Bowling for Columbine” is a movie long on problems and short on serious solutions. In an attempt to make a humorous yet galvanizing film about issues as serious as gun violence and American culture, Moore violates the rules of journalism. more...


- Church talk excludes gays
- Circus bill a bad act
- Every child left behind
- more opinions...


- more arts...

Frisbee's ultimate spring break

Combine Southerns and High Tide with 39 Oles and what do you get? Cajun surfing? Hardly. Try ultimate frisbee. more...


- Golfer's paradise: The famed course on the Hill features dumpsters, trees and no green fees
- No girls allowed
- Baseball's early season struggles continue
- more sports...

Scottish student surprised by American view of sexuality

It has been a belief of Europeans, and very likely people the world over, that Americans are the least conservative when it comes to sexuality. more...


- Presence of sexuality dialogue at St. Olaf debated
- Anita Hill speaks about quest to fulfill her call to ministry
- Uncovered truths behind the myths: Students and professors lived together in Old Main in early days
- more variety...
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