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ISSUE 116 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/18/2003

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Cracking down on cafeteria waste: H.O.P.E. House sponsors Food Waste and Hunger Awareness Week

Last week, the H.O.P.E. House and the Environmental Coalition sponsored a Food Waste and Hunger Awareness Week on campus.

Evangelicals out of touch

In Iraq, problems get worse every day. There, they are worrying about receiving water and food and medical care, after looting has gutted many of the hospitals. But here in the United States, Charles Stanley is more worried about winning Iraqi souls. more...


- Bush's taxing problem
- Images beamed from Iraq justify war
- Letters to the Editor
- more opinions...

St. Olaf theater goes 'Into the Woods'

A musical about fairy tales? Hooray! At last, a play at St. Olaf that won’t be depressing! Except, not really (unless, of course, you were one of the few people who accidentally left at intermission, thinking the show was over.) In St. Olaf’s magical production of “Into the Woods” there are more death scenes than Snow White has dwarves, Prince Charming isn’t charming at all, and the Big Bad Wolf is really, really bad. Composer Stephen Sondheim and original Director James Lapine have put a new meaning to the term “happily ever after.” more...


- Iraq a poor model for democracy
- Preview: native 'Tongues'
- Senior artwork showcased
- more arts...

Twinless: Without the Nagel's, men's tennis fails to register win at MIAC Championship meet

Last weekend the MIAC men’s tennis championships were held at St. Olaf College. Although the team was looking to capitalize on the home court advantage, the Oles had a difficult time without their top two singles players and number one doubles tandem. more...


- Stitching a legacy: Three competing fabric-printing businesses have all survived in Northfield
- Men's golf hopes to improve on eighth place finish
- Faltering fastpitch
- more sports...

Critic’s Corner: Sandler can’t “Manage” to please audiences

Adam Sandler has all of his bases covered. No film he makes from this point on in his career can be as unequivocally terrible as “Little Nicky” or as profoundly awful as “The Waterboy.” That said, his most recent endeavor, “Anger Management,” though not his worst picture, is certainly not his best. more...


- Every penny counts
- Uncovered: Truths behind the myths
- Sex on the Hill
- more variety...
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