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ISSUE 116 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 5/2/2003

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Remembering Holocaust atrocities: Rabbi’s chapel talk marks anniversary of Yom Hashoah

St. Olaf held a special daily chapel service Tuesday to honor Yom Hashoah, the day of remembrance for the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.


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Pausing for peace

"Pause for Peace" was the theme of an evening of music and poetry in the Lion’s Pause on Friday. Featuring eight student performers from St. Olaf, the concert put a spotlight on the creative side of the versatile campus peace movement. more...


- SPCO delights in Boe
- 'Tones' is darkly funny
- Culturally 'Speaking'
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Extra! Extra! - A half century later, we journey into the archives and take a deeper look at

As the final pages turn on the last issue of the Manitou Messenger four page sports section, it was only proper to acknowledge the pages that came before us. It was only proper to see where the sports section started and how it evolutionized into the four pages of color, text and pictures that has grazed the insides of the Manitou Messenger for the past two years. more...


- KG4MVP: Not this year
- Individual champoins power Ole track
- Lacrosse wins three of four, finishes fifth
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De La Soul rocks the mic...

Pioneers of underground hip-hop music, De La Soul, will make an appearance Saturday at the spring concert of Carleton’s annual Arbstock festivities. more...


- Hopeful talents flock to Ole Idol
- Linkin Park attains rap-metal perfection in ‘Meteora’
- Former math professor delivers powerful debut novel
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