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ISSUE 116 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/9/2003

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President sums up year in chapel talk

President Christopher Thomforde started the last full week of classes at St. Olaf Monday with a chapel speech about adversity, friends who show the voice of God, and the casting out of idols and images. He began his talk by reading from the book of Isaiah.

U.N. has no legitimacy to spare

There are a good many people who feel left out because America and her allies ousted the Hussein regime without U.N. consent. Chief among them are U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, French President Jacques Chirac, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and German Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder. more...


- More guns, more trouble
- Weapons search drags on
- SGA making progress: Lessons learned in four years
- more opinions...

Companydance takes stage

The St. Olaf Dance Department presented the Companydance 2003 Spring Concert on May 1 through May 3 in Kelsey Theater. The performances featured choreography by guest artists, faculty and students. more...


- Summer reads with sass
- Senior art on display
- Student musicians jazz it up
- more arts...

St. Olaf’s brush with America’s team: Politics prevented Dallas Cowboys from returning to the Hill

St. Olaf … will remember the [Dallas] Cowboys with fondness and while the Northfield Oles will have a certain kinship with the Minnesota Vikings, their team will really be their friends from deep in the heart of Texas." more...


- Dallas roughhousing
- Baseball falls shy of MIAC title: Men finish season second, look for strong showing in tournament
- Fastpitch finds joy in season
- more sports...

Summer Preview

Remember those days when summer offered three months of pure bliss? The local swimming pool was the place where “everybody knew your name,” including the pink-nosed, bronzed lifeguards twice your age. Your young heart skipped a beat when they blew their little whistles, looked at you and yelled, “No running!” Long days spent poolside were rounded out with watermelon seed spitting contests and chaotic rounds of cops and robbers. Each weekend could be wasted away at the park. more...


- Grab your cap and gown, and get out
- Sounding out summer
- Self-professed slut
- more variety...
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