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ISSUE 116 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/20/2002

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Diversity issue overdramatized

When Eida Berrio, St. Olaf's Dean of Community Life and Diversity, first came to campus three years ago, she attended a gospel choir performance, and thought to herself, "That's a lot of white kids for a gospel choir." more...


- Insurance company prejudiced against mentally ill
- Reconciling the wave of feminism
- Education in jeopardy
- more opinions...


- more arts...

Running away with the goat trophy

From the time head coach Chris Meidt took the position before the season started, the St. Olaf football program was all business. Two weeks and 106 points later, nothing has changed. more...


- Senior triathlete finishes first race in record time
- Inside the Lines: The Rochester Honkers
- A word from our editors...
- more sports...

Generating an awareness for physical fitness

Just as Sept. 11 revived America’s patriotism, the new Tostrud Center has generated a greater awareness for physical wellness on campus. more...


- Cultivating the spiritual self
- Maintaining a healthy mindset
- From Image to Message
- more variety...
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