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ISSUE 116 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 9/27/2002

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Cultural values explored

Anne Jolivette ’03 led a discussion on machismo in Latin America at a World Issues Dialogue on Sept. 18. She shared her experiences from her semester in Costa Rica, which, according to Jolivette, revealed that the prevailing machismo attitude is very oppressive to women.

Army game brutal

Once again, U.S. Army has crossed sabers with the media. That’s right, the Army is coming under attack for being "too graphic," for "promoting war." After coming out with their first government sponsored video game, Uncle Sam’s military has been run through the media gauntlet by bleeding heart liberals, who feel his new game is harmful to children. more...


- Squirrel mail painfully slow
- Mandela critiques US foriegn policy
- New solutions to stubborn problems
- more opinions...

Mahoney loves life full of music

Tim Mahoney continued on his quest to win over fans one by one on Friday night playing the Pause. Mahoney, a native of Minnetonka, marveled that, in comparison to other artists, his success has come easily. He participated in the very first "Battle of the Bands" during his senior year of high school and emerged as the winner. From then on, Mahoney was able to support himself and his love for music without diverting any of his attention away from performing, rehearsing, and songwriting. more...


- KSTO pushes boundaries
- A tasty neighbor offers apple delights
- Picasso recalls: ‘Guernica’ depicts brutality of war
- more arts...

Cross-country takes second place during first 6,000 meter race; runners post personal records

The Saint Olaf Women’s Cross Country team continues to build momentum with strong showings at a meet hosted by Luther College as well as at a rare home meet on the 21st. more...


- Ade Christenson Athletic Complex: Est. 2002
- Football wins tight battle vs. Augsburg
- A Word from our editors...
- more sports...

Anticipation eased with fall music releases

Kicking off the fall music scene was the excellent new CD from British alt-rockers Coldplay. Lead singer Chris Martin likened the recording process for the new album “A Rush of Blood to the Head“ to being knocked down in a fight, picking yourself up, and trying again until you get it right. more...


- Broadcasting Abduction
- Law enforcement officials linking online
- Sister Speaks: A column addressing questions that concern race, culture, and identity
- more variety...
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