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ISSUE 116 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/4/2002

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Northfield’s newest neighbors: City anticipates financial stability despite major competition

Northfield the town of cows, colleges and contentment, has recently been undergoing change in its commercial sector, it now a town that can now also boast "chain commerce" on its welcoming sign.

Optimism fosters healthy lifestyle

Maybe it's just the weather, or perhaps the amount of sleep I've been getting lately, but it seems time for a positive column. There have been crises brewing through out all of human history, yet we somehow manage to still be here-and in record numbers. It might not be so bad to indulge ourselves, just this once, by pondering some of the good things we have. more...


- Expanding the bubble
- State cuts work study
- Administration undermines world peace
- more opinions...

Artist creates with sticks and saplings

Dublin, Ireland’s 42-foot high "Roundabout" mesmerized and delighted the community for two years after its 1997 construction. This castle-like monument, made only of Irish willow sticks, was wrapped around a tree near the Tallaght Community Art Center, enticing people to walk inside and gaze upward at the tight weave of sticks that race toward its pinnacle. This larger-than-life artwork was created by Carleton's new resident artist Patrick Dougherty, a sculptor who has been commissioned by the college to construct a unique display at the north end of the Bald Spot. more...


- Art department provides studio space, experience to apprentices
- Latin dance beats shake up the Pause
- Orchestra's variety entertaines
- more arts...

Seeing red in Collegeville

There will be no perfect season this year. Mighty Meidt will not lead his team to a 10-0 record. And there was no joy in Collegeville. more...


- Spectators cheer Ole marathoners
- Women shoot for three straight; head to Iowa
- Cross country runs ahead
- more sports...

Making It Big: Christianson breaks through with new sound

Making music at St. Olaf is definitely not out of the ordinary. But Paul Christianson ’05 is attempting to rise above campus recognition to see how far his musical talents will take him more...


- Rocking in a Malt-O-Meal town
- Bar Code Blue: Local band with a hometown appeal
- Hispanica Heritage Month Celebrated Nationwide: Connecting students with their culture
- more variety...
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