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ISSUE 116 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/11/2002

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Shot at safety

The correlation between handguns and violence in our country has long been debated within political circles. The issue over whether or not gun control laws should be implemented has become a popular partisan issue and one that divides political ideologies.


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Survival of the female artists

Several feet of paper filled with drawings of moving bodies covered the walls and mirrors of Dittmann Center’s Dance Studio Three early last week. These drawings were remnants of the Art and Dance Survivor weekend that took place Sept. 27 through Sept. 29. Five artists and five dancers accepted the challenge to be confined to the Dittmann Center for 36 hours in an attempt to integrate the two art forms. more...


- Mozart's "Requiem" performed at Vespers
- Ole Book Review long overdue
- Blues Traveler headlines fall concert
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Women’s golf rises in ranks

The women’s golf season ended on a positive note last Sunday when the team competed in the conference meet at The Fairways in St. Cloud. more...


- Bittersweet homecoming
- Homerdome hysteria
- Homecoming 5k gets down and dirty
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Traveling abroad ignites interest to adopt internationally

Parents adopt children for many reasons. Some adopt domestically, while others adopt internationally. Certain members of the St. Olaf community have chosen to adopt internationally. more...


- Children find security in American homes
- 'Theater of War' depicts power of politicians
- Wilson returns to the prenumbra
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