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ISSUE 116 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/1/2002

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Penny, Coleman, Bly eye finish line

In less then a week Campaign 2002 will be over, but until then the race is on as politicians make one last push to get their messages out. St. Olaf has become a hub of political activity in recent weeks, welcoming politicians from varying races around the state.

Ecopledge activists losing touch

A student dressed as a giant Pepsi bottle recently greeted students outside the cafeteria. This was the latest ploy by Ecopledge to draw attention to their cause. Using similar tactics, Ecopledge has become the most visible protest group on campus. more...


- Iraqi weapons manufacture demands American response
- Taking the axe to terrorism
- American ideals chart path to future
- more opinions...

Orchestra finds energy after tour

The St. Olaf Orchestra returned home from an eight-day tour of Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota late Saturday night. The 91-member group performed a home concert to a packed Skoglund Auditorium on Sunday night. The concert featured soloists Marcus Hanson ‘03 on the tuba, and Rebecca Huffman ’03 on the violin. more...


- Art of daily lives displayed
- Native American film promotes discussion
- Stereotypes in drama addressed
- more arts...

Fast play on turf assists men

The men’s soccer team suffered a 2-1 loss last Tuesday to St. Mary’s University. more...


- more sports...

Students Light Up Despite Hazordous Risks

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Tobacco is responsible for approximately 400,000 deaths a year, which adds up to one-fifth of total deaths in America. If the habit is so deadly, why do so many people choose to partake in it? more...


- Smoking community put out by policy: Others’ quality of life rules superior to smokers’ rights in do
- 'Talking' about culture
- 'Population' muses life's uncertainties
- more variety...
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