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ISSUE 117 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/5/2004

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Leveling the playing field: PAC speaker focuses on women in athletics

Dorothy McIntyre spoke at Tuesday nights Political Awareness Committee (PAC) dinner on the topic of this years Womens History Month: women in sports. McIntyre focused on the oral storytelling tradition as a key to initiating change.

Letters to the Editor

Last weeks article about the shadow forum reported that the St. Olaf Committee for Intellectual Diversity was protesting the Peace Prize Forum as an event, not peace itself. The Commitee argues that the Forum did not encompass a wide enough range of opinions and therefore should not have occurred. As noble as the goals of the Committee may have been, their tactics grossly undermined any credibility their cause may originally have had. more...


- Balancing the books
- Pawlenty neglects alternatives to death penalty
- Dean fizzles out
- more opinions...

Bread art rises to success

The walls and floors of Dittmann Center are adorned with bread and earth, and the sound of bare hands kneading bread dough echoes in the background. This exhibit is Armenian artist Apo Torosyans Bread Series, titled Hope, Not Hate, which runs until March 14. Through his art, Torosyan expresses the hardship of immigration and the horrors of Armenian genocide experienced by his fathers generation. more...


- Growing grassroots sounds: Christianson, Wertz stay true to the music
- 'This is a play' that entertains
- Nader runs again
- more arts...

Return to glory

The St. Olaf mens hockey team returned to the MIAC playoffs with a bang Tuesday night, winning in their first postseason appearance since the 1991-92 season. The Oles traveled to Winona and defeated a fired-up St. Marys team. more...


- The end of the world as we know it
- Fast times abound at MIAC tune-up
- Spring swing
- more sports...

Adolescent Culture

"Yeah, I cunt stand it," joked a passing student yesterday about the myriad signs promoting the "cuntageous" Vagina Monologues, which opened March 4. The performance has come to St. Olaf for the third time to infuse the campus with frank discussions on female sexuality and body acceptance. But does St. Olaf really need this stimulation, or is it over the top? more...


- Refreshing presence
- hanson scrutinizes theology behind 'The Passion'
- Critic's Corner
- more variety...
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