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ISSUE 117 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/12/2004

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Affirmation of beliefs: Chavez advocates higher standards in education

It was a long journey for Linda Chavez to the podium in Boe Chapel on Wednesday night, both figuratively and literally. Chavez, who addressed the St. Olaf audience on the subject of affirmative action, opened by explaining her adventurous trip, which started on Monday. Her plane out of Washington, D.C. experienced technical problems and was forced to circle the city in the air, for over an hour. By Tuesday, Chavez had picked up the flu, at a Board of Directors meeting she was attending in San Francisco; the sickness, however, did not stop Chavez from keeping her engagement at St. Olaf.

Student Turnout Shows Promise

The annual SGA Elections at St. Olaf pass by every year with little more than a second thought by most students. Candidates surface from the small contingency of students involved in SGA, put up a few posters and halfheartedly hope that the majority of the student body will voice its opinion by filling out a ballot. more...


- Monologues Misjudged
- Campus debate close-minded, silly
- more opinions...

Opening up about Vaginas: Monologues call for more dialogue concerning sexuality

"Pussies unite!" "[My vagina is] pissed off!" These were the sounds of the cast of the 2004 St. Olaf production of the Vagina Monologues" warming up in the Pause for their Saturday performance. Decked out in black, red and pink, the all-female cast formed a semi-circle in the darkened theater, each woman shouting a line from the monologues, a motivating tidbit, or something related to their vaginas. Anything about vaginas. more...


- Writers share works on women at Soiree
- Compassion in Haiti
- more arts...

Eight Oles bound for national meet

The St. Olaf swimming and diving team capped off another great season as they placed second in both the men's and women's section at the MIAC Championships. Gustavus nipped the men 909.5-858, and the women finished 160 points behind the Gusties. more...


- Lets play ball
- Men blanked by top-ranked Johnnies
- Historic year ends with loss to Gustavus
- more sports...

Intellectual diversity

With the presidential election coming up in November, and the country engaged in a war, things are more political than usual at St. Olaf. This, along with recent controversy has added to the heated debate over the presence of political bias in college classrooms. A movement to incorporate "intellectual diversity," which is related to political diversity, in the classroom has begun on college campuses around the nation -- including St. Olaf. What is intellectual diversity? Is St. Olaf intellectually diverse? more...


- Study abroad, stay at home
- Marginalized facial hair celebrated
- Saddlin' up at the 'Ranch'
- more variety...
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