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ISSUE 117 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/19/2004

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Fine arts major to be phased out

The interdisciplinary fine arts major (IDFA) has been part of St. Olaf for 23 years. The program integrates music, dance, theatre and art into one course of study and seeks to collaborate between these four disciplines. Over the next three years, however, this collaboration will end as the major is phased out.

A year's reflection on Iraq

On March 19, 2003 at 8:36 p.m. Central time, two U.S. F-117A warplanes dropped a payload of bunker buster bombs on a building in Baghdad in a failed decapitation attack on Saddam Hussein, beginning our second war against Iraq in slightly more than a decade. more...


- Knee Jerk reaction
- Bush gains from pain
- Martha Martyred by the media
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Grand return for Gulezian

Nearly 500 people filled the Pause Saturday night to experience the artistry and quirkiness of Michael Gulezian. Not only did Gulezian perform his traditional concert, he also offered a guitar workshop on Thursday night and brought yet another gift to St. Olaf this year: a multimedia CD that he recorded live at last year's concert, complete with video footage. more...


- The heart of improv dance bared
- Shape finely crafted
- Shape finely crafted
- more arts...

Thomforde returns to hardwood

There was no Pete Carril on the sideline; there were few, if any back-door cuts occurring on offense, but former Princeton basketball standout and current St. Olaf President Chris Thomforde proved to the fans last Friday that hes still got game in the second annual Faculty Staff Charity Basketball game. more...


- Women swim as cameras roll
- Men hope trip ends losing streak
- Pair honored as All-Americans
- more sports...

Iraq one year later

One year ago, the walls of Buntrock Commons were plastered with posters reminding the St. Olaf community to "Support our troops" or to "Say no to the war in Iraq." There were tables outside of Stav Hall where students could grab red, white and blue ribbon pins to show their patriotism or Day-Glo arm bands to support peace -- that is, if they could even make it up to the third floor of the Commons. Over the lunch hours on many Thursdays during February and March, war protesters blocked the stairway leading to the cafeteria. more...


- Codependent Campus
- New Twin Cities salon makes 'Mink' money
- 'Starsky and Hutch' lacking in laughs
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