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ISSUE 117 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/23/2004

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Marching for rights: Pro-choice rally gathers in Washington

More than three decades ago, thousands of women gathered in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court's monumental ruling that granted women the option of legal abortions. Because the Bush administration is considering overturning Roe v. Wade, many of these same women will return to the nations capital April 25 to protect this right.

Assault taboos must shatter

Educating people about sexual assault is never easy. It's a taboo subject that seems to unsettle even the most confident people. There are others who don't want to listen because they claim to have heard everything about sexual assault before. Then theres the issue of false reporting. more...


- Sports debate lives
- Bookstore needs independence
- Help Wanted
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ManPlanet out of this world

Clad in tight-fitting, solid-colored clothing whose colors matched the performers' instruments, ManPlanet once again exploded on to the St. Olaf scene last Friday night with an energetic set of space rock. more...


- Dancing for his life
- Dream delights
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Baseball weathers stretch

In college baseball, one of the requirements for having a successful season is building a solid, deep pitching staff. Thankfully, this has been the hallmark of recent Ole teams and the 2004 version is no exception. more...


- Tennis primed for tourney run
- Men gain confidence in Nagels absence
- Who are these guys?
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Imagine life 50 years ago. The average 21st-century Joe probably wouldn't want to go there, because in 1954, many of the conveniences that Americans now consider modern weren't even conceivable. The majority of today's so-called "indispensable items" -- computers, cell phones, ATM machines and the Internet -- have only just started to have a significant impact on society. Yes, technology is certainly changing the world, but is this change a subtle facelift or a Michael Jackson botch job? more...


- 'Kill Bill Vol. 2' slays a step above the rest
- Faculty-owned dogs reign
- A cache of chips
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