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ISSUE 117 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 10/3/2003

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Civic engagement solves problems

Addressing the issue of civic engagement, American Experiment President Dr. Mitchell Pearlstein spoke during chapel and community time on Thursday, Sept. 25.

Controversy over condoms; Inappropriate message sent

When entering the St. Olaf campus, one is immediately struck with images of beauty, academics, and a gathering of intellects. These images are formed from the sum of many things: the beautifully kept lawns and gardens, the gorgeous Nordic architecture, and the mix of cutting edge technology and artistic heritage. Even when one enters one of the restroom facilities on campus they are greeted with sparkling mirrors, automatic sinks and toilets, and condom machines. more...


- Controversy over condoms; Catching up with times
- Plight of the ballerina
- Caucasian club hinders racial healing
- more opinions...

Bands play a touch of the blues: Homecoming festivities open with bluegrass, blues music

String Fever and the Clayton Miller Blues Band opened Homecoming Week with shows last Monday, entertaining students with bluegrass and blues music, respectively. more...


- Arts journals circulate: Project promotes student expression
- Cellist offers injury advice to musical students
- Jonke teaches in Germany
- more arts...

Golden age to be a Minnesota sports fan

In times like this, I thank my parents for making the move up from Iowa more than 20 years ago and deciding to set up shop in Minnesota. How could I not thank them? Without that move I would never have had the chance to grow up during the greatest run in Minnesota sports history. Seriously, has there ever been a better time to be a sports fan in The Land of 10,000 Lakes? For the first time in the states’ 145-year history, all four professional teams have a chance to make the post season in the same year. more...


- Johnnies spoil homecoming celebration: Despite pumped-up crowd, Oles no match for perennial conferen
- Men dispose of nationally ranked Gusties, turn to rest of conference
- Volleyball splits home games
- more sports...

St. Olaf Superstars

The corridors of Christiansen Hall of Music whisper stories to those who walk through them. They tell tales of a promising first-year voice singing Italian arias, an accomplished pianist pounding out Mozart sonatas and a sophomore couple playing Billy Joel until the darkest point of the night. How often, though, do these halls hold conversations filled with dreams shared between good friends? Dreams that take one away from Manitou Hill – away from the classrooms, the professors, the homework and the stress of daily life – to coffeehouses, churches, college performance halls and main-stage amphitheatres, where originally composed music is played. Certain St. Olaf students, both past and present, have taken their musical talents beyond the confines of the Christiansen practice rooms, searching for that break, that glimpse of fame, that lofty goal. Today, their stories are the ones we tell. more...


- Nalgene epidemic
- Whoop! There it is
- Critic's Corner
- more variety...
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