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ISSUE 117 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/17/2003

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Riding winds of change: fundraiser promotes renewable energy source

On Oct. 12, several St. Olaf College students and faculty members participated in "Ride with the Wind," a fundraiser for wind energy awareness at the McNeilus Wind Farm, located south of Dodge Center, Minn.

Bush slights gay marriage

Recently President Bush signed a proclamation declaring Oct. 12-18 “Marriage Protection Week.” One of the main goals of this initiative, which is being sponsored by a coalition of conservative and religious organizations, is to marshal support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex civil marriages. more...


- More at stake than just health
- We are the college
- Rush to judgment
- more opinions...

"The Man Who" had potential

“The Man Who” was a complex, dense production put on by St. Olaf theater Oct. 8-11 and 13-15. Based on Oliver Sacks’ neurological study “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat,” the show was an exploration of several brain injuries, each portrayed with laudable candor by a six-member cast. more...


- One more high note for Argento
- Backstage with the concert committee
- more arts...

Tales from the trip: Women’s cross country runner documents Oles’ unique journey to pre-national mee

At 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, 11 girls from the St. Olaf women’s cross country team met at Skoglund Athletic Center to spend the night on the newly sanitized matted floor of the wrestling room. The athletes each carried a weekend bag and pillow and were joined by coach Chris Daymont, who provided sleeping bags for all. more...


- From the locker room: Women create strong bond on, off soccer field
- Royals’ dominating defense overwhelms Oles
- MIAC setbacks plague volleyball
- more sports...

Let's talk about STRESS

It’s a beautiful time of year at St. Olaf. Colors are changing and leaves are slowly falling from the trees – much like the falling spirits of students when they think of this week’s dreaded event: midterms. more...


- Fall concert brings world Peas
- Sex on the Hill: Electronic Love
- Critic's Corner: Dave Eggers's "You Shall Know Our Velocity!"
- more variety...
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