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ISSUE 117 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/7/2003

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Thomforde towers over political dinner

At a PAC-sponsored dinner on Tuesday, St. Olaf President Christopher Thomforde addressed several topical issues, including the current state of campus political discourse and ideological balance among faculty.

No grounds for coffee bar; Change to Rolvaag will disrupt studies, use resources

I am rather appalled with the idea of having a coffee shop in the library. more...


- Excess focus on abortion
- Economy dashes election hopes
- Beyond circumstances; Student finds fault with liberal ideology
- more opinions...

‘Time to Fly’ a soaring success

If one threw 34 performers, a bizarre montage of musical theater acts, a grand piano, a bass, a drum-set, and a tacky New York skyline into the Pause for one night, one would have to question, "Is this really going to fly?" Add to that some random black boxes and a few scattered chairs and your answer must lean towards "no." Last Wednesday, however, Associate Music Professor Janis Hardy and company defied the odds and found success with their Broadway revue “Time to Fly.” more...


- ‘Saintly words’: Wilson reads original poetry
- Herrera lights up the Pause
- Resounding Amen: Spotlight on Gospel Choir
- more arts...

Men finish third, place three in the top seven

Coach Bill Thornton often reminds the Ole men’s cross-country team in September and October that "it’s what you do in November that makes them remember." more...


- Kobe’s Public Hearing
- Women use depth, earn runner-up position
- Football takes beating
- more sports...

Reading, writing and lessons on life

Four St. Olaf professors, who seem to have found a balance between monetary success and intellectual satisfacion, offered to share their collective wisdom for those among us who don’t yet have it all sorted out. more...


- Sex on the Hill: When Roles Become Rules
- Critic's Corner
- The delicious 'Delicias'
- more variety...
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