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ISSUE 118 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/18/2005

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Talking climate

The Global Warming Forum held March 13 in Viking Theater was a joint effort of the St. Olaf Environmental Coalition, Peace and Justice, the St. Olaf Biology Club and the St. Olaf Chemistry Society. The forum featured speakers from a variety of fields: Professor of Physics Bob Jacobel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Paul Jackson, Instructor of Economics Dan Kramer, Associate Professor of Religion David Booth and State Representative Ray Cox all took turns sharing their expertise on the future of the environment.

Friendship Commodified

Confession time: I stayed up until 3 a.m. to create my Facebook profile, and I am one of the most avid Facebook “recruiters” on campus. more...


- Aggression shown towards lawmakers: Lawyers, judges worldwide deserve more protection from violence
- Celebrating Gender meaningfully
- What sustains us?
- more opinions...

Shadow puppets shed light

Many of us have amused ourselves by making two-fingered bunny shadows on the wall. Last Friday’s performance of “Shadow Puppets of Java,” however cast this art in a new light. more...


- 'Quake' shakes up theater
- Play translates to laughs
- more arts...

Women swim past National foes

It was a fun, exciting and successful weekend for the St. Olaf women’s swimming team at the NCAA Division III National swim meet. The event was hosted by Hope College in Holland, Mich. more...


- Spring madness
- Catching rays over break
- Sloping upward: Skiiers win President's Cup
- more sports...

Casablanca still captivating

Throughout the history of the American “silver screen,” there have been times when landmark films have altered – either purposely or inadvertently – the very face of modern cinema. more...


- 'Emperor' eating 'Noodles'
- Burgeoning Bollywood
- Commit, or quit?
- more variety...
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