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ISSUE 118 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 4/8/2005

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Library installs improved system

Students returned from spring break to find two new additions to Rolvaag Memorial Library – the streamlined security gates and bright pink signs prohibiting cell phone usage in the library.

Caribou Coffee criticized

The word on the street is that on March 12, Caribou Coffee opened its doors to the Northfield community. I’m disappointed. I grew up in Coon Rapids, Minn. – the sprawling suburban capital of the “Chain Store nation.” If you can name a Midwestern chain, Coon Rapids probably has it, in two locations. We’ve got Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Walgreens and every fast-food and restaurant chain you can think of, including at least two McDonalds. If you live in Coon Rapids and you want to eat, drink or shop somewhere that isn’t in every city on the map, the odds are against you. more...


- No escape from ‘Rwanda’
- First Lady wrong on Schiavo case
- Seriously discussing Syria: Lebanese people may finally get free, fair elections
- more opinions...

Mann, Bolt hang new art

Flaten Art Museum in Dittmann officially welcomed the works of New York City artists David Mann and Macyn Bolt April 1. During the opening reception, both men spoke briefly about their paintings. more...


- 'Opera' previewed
- Veselica dances across nations
- Dillinger Four punks rock
- more arts...

Highs, lows for the Oles down South

Minnesota’s spring baseball season is a fleeting thing – one fraught with postponements, freezing temperatures and unplayable diamonds. In order for a competitive college baseball team to play a normal 40-game schedule, unique measures must sometimes be taken. more...


- Women Fall to St. Kate's
- Fastpitch Fires Away
- Ole finds home with Twins
- more sports...

The rise of Sin City

He creates an alternate, ultra-violent world in Basin City, a place where the men are not afraid to kill, torture and even mutilate to achieve their ends, and the majority of the women are gorgeous prostitutes who administer their own vicious brand of justice. more...


- Personal media multiplies
- 'Anger' has an upside
- Religious tolerance extends to atheists, agnostics
- more variety...
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