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ISSUE 118 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/15/2005

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Writer set to speak

Gretchen Morgenson ’76, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, will speak at this year’s commencement ceremony Sunday, May 29 at Manitou Field.

Aspaas succeeds retiring director Scholz

After 37 years of teaching at St. Olaf, Robert "Dr. Bob" Scholz ‘61, professor of music, voice, and Viking Chorus and Chapel Choir conductor, is retiring at the end of this school year. His successor, Chris Aspaas ’95, will join the music faculty next school year.

Schiavo article is cheap shot at supporters

Andrea Horbinski's article could have been a catalyst for an important campus discussion about Constitutional rights, read on to find out why her artlcle misses the mark. more...


- Graceful pope honored
- Reflections on Hedberg
- Big names skirt big politics
- more opinions...

Student art rediscovered

As you walk around campus, do you often find yourself spacing out? Do you stare at the ground or at the insides of your eyelids with no recognition of your surroundings? more...


- 'Opera' devilishly delightful
- 'Hill' alive with music
- more arts...

Swing or Sing? Athletics an integral part of St. Olaf's unique appeal

Every fall, high school students around the country compile lists of colleges they wish to consider. Impressively, St. Olaf ranks highly on the lists of over 3,000 yearly applicants. When St. Olaf becomes a top choice for a prospective student, often their final decision revolves around one of two things: music or sports. more...


- Predicting October... in April
- Softball swings short of win
- Baseball rediscovers lumber
- more sports...

I can't believe it's not a major!

Tucked away on the sixth floor of Holland Hall – a flight of stairs above the building's traditional department offices and classrooms – a place of extreme academic possibility awaits. more...


- This season, ditch 'Pitch'
- Mbele reads African tales
- Cardinal Sin, an act of contrition
- more variety...
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