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ISSUE 118 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/22/2005

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Classics convention hailed as ‘tough act to follow’

From Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 18, St. Olaf College hosted the 77th Annual National Convention of Eta Sigma Phi (ESP), the national Classics Honor Society. The convention was the culmination of almost a year’s work on the part of Delta Chi, St. Olaf’s own chapter of ESP.

Coulter ignites discussion: Provocative pundits do not deserve audience

In the weeks leading up to the much-anticipated appearance of conservative pundit extraordinaire Ann Coulter, I vowed to take the high ground. more...


- Coulter ignites discussion: Conservative pundit needs no defending
- DeLay’s ethics questioned
- Crowd response unwarranted
- more opinions...

Matt Johnson Band releases album

“When we started out, I felt like this project was mine, but it isn't anymore. It is definitely our project. This is St. Olaf's project,” Matt Johnson ’05 said, referring to his upcoming album, Horizon Line. more...


- Band gives lively concert
- Kubla Khan invades Pause
- Fiddle me this: Solgård offers new CD
- more arts...

Postseason push gets underway

The calendar may say the date is only April 22, but for the St. Olaf baseball team, the regular season is drawing ever nearer to its end. more...


- Consistency Eludes Oles
- Age limit will help NBA
- Showers sour invite
- more sports...

Happy Hill

But are we, the students of St. Olaf, happy? more...


- 'Amityville' not horror-fying
- 'Bloc Party' in your neighborhood
- Shins retain pants, fans
- more variety...
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