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ISSUE 118 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/24/2004

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Transit runs town shuttle

To accomodate students without vehicles on campus, St. Olaf College provides transportation services, giving them the opportunity to venture into Northfield when they so desire. This past summer, St. Olaf and Carleton decided to update the previous transportation system with a more effective "Dial-A-Ride" program.

A nuclear error, but fear not: Despite nations attaining weapons, hope still remains

The year 2004 has not gone particularly well for the global community in terms of nuclear security. But before one explores this past year, one must examine previous years of how this issue has dominated world affairs. more...


- Moot Moodleing
- Porch rhetoric false
- Daily dose of levity:Stewart, company make news more fun
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Artists render 'Maps' to soul

Heralding the latest St. Olaf art exhibit, Flaten Art Museum hosted a reception in celebration of "Body Maps," a series of reproduced canvases created by 14 female South African victims of HIV Friday, Sept. 17. More than 60 students and faculty showed up to enjoy refreshments and take a first glance at the show. more...


- 'Heir' grounds
- Art history, revisited
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Theres no place like home: Men victorious at Ole Invite

Hardly breaking a sweat as he devoured the eight-kilometer course behind Tostrud Fieldhouse, captain Malcolm Richards 05 set the tone for the 2004 season by leading the St. Olaf menscross country team to victory in Saturdays 34th annual St. Olaf Invitational. more...


- Women's cross country finishes close second to Macalaster
- Not so fast
- Women battle in MIAC: New defensive scheme gives team hope
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Pizza Wars

What tears families apart, pits brother against brother, and ruptures fragile kin relations worse than the eternal Montague and Capulet rivalry? Pizza. more...


- Fun finds for the fashionably frugal
- The logistics of it all
- Yesterday's grandeur recalled in 'Tomorrow'
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