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ISSUE 118 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/15/2004

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Northfield boasts clean, safe water

Lately, there have been concerns on campus regarding the cleanliness of St. Olaf's water supply. However, students can rest assured that St. Olaf uses some of the safest and cleanest water in Minnesota.

Election intervention: United Nations, others must observe U.S. process

One of the most critical democratic elections in years is approaching quickly. Amid doubts about legitimacy, corruption and voter disenfranchisement, the European Union and the United Nations will be monitoring the crucial election to prove that democracy can work. more...


- Writing contest open to aspiring Faulkners
- Rock the Vote kicks out jams
- Appealing reasons
- more opinions...

Band 'drives' modest crowd

Current country music hit-makers Emerson Drive entertained a small, 200-person crowd in the Pause Wednesday, Oct. 6, for the SAC-sponsored Homecoming concert. With their high-energy show and incredible musical talent, Emerson Drive showed why country music still has strong appeal  even in the North. more...


- 'Collage' a work of art
- Lund's life in song
- Newly-formed poetry society hosts Ellingson extravaganza
- more arts...

Oles chew up Knights: football earns homecoming victory in Cereal Bowl

The smell of Malt-O-Meal wasn't the only thing in the air at Saturday's second annual Cereal Bowl matchup between the St. Olaf football team and their cross-town rivals from Carleton. An electric crowd of over 6,000 fans supplied a charged atmosphere as well, which was enough to spur the Oles to a 34-21 Homecoming win. more...


- Women's ranking slips
- Packing it in: Group running leads ladies to victory
- Golf takes fifth in MIAC
- more sports...

Carleton, Undercover

The mission: infiltrate Carleton, gather intelligence and report back to the St. Olaf student body more...


- Oral Communication
- Come out as you are
- Philosophizing Huckabees
- more variety...
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