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ISSUE 118 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/22/2004

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Noises pollute: Loudness can cause annoyance

Living in residence halls teaches students about patience, tolerance and sharing. But all of those skills go out the window when noise levels make studying or sleeping impossible.

Substantial Debate

Since their humble beginnings in 1960, televised presidential debates have given voters a chance to see each candidate answer questions directly. more...


- Election hotbox: Three states vote on marijuana
- Controversy, Moore or less
- Serving us better
- more opinions...

Perpetua-lly unanswered questions: Theatre departments latest production fails to satisfy

The St. Olaf theatre departments latest production, Perpetua, is an answer to the age-old question, What happens when two grieving sisters, a put-out husband whos possibly in love with the two girls and a deceived doctor/sailor converge for two hours on a stage inexplicably covered in sand? more...


- So Many stellar Constellations
- Kasdorf digresses on poetic forces of speed, love, gravity
- more arts...

Road warriors: Oles use strong ground game to overcome Gustavus

Winning games on the road is one of the most difficult accomplishments in football, but the St. Olaf football team came up with a big one Saturday at Gustavus. The Oles controlled both the line of scrimmage and the game clock en route to a 23-18 victory. more...


- Men roll over Cardinals
- Harriers hustle
- Steroids: Wrong, but understandable
- more sports...

The Good Life

Tim Kasher, frontman of the much lauded indie-rock bands Cursive and the Good Life -- whose new record is phenomenal -- is growing up. But, he's not growing up in the sense that he's moving on and turning away from his past; he's scrupulously studying the mistakes he's made and is trying to figure out what the hell went wrong. more...


- Masters debate
- Sub sandwiches surface, satisfy
- Below the surface in 'Primer'
- more variety...
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