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ISSUE 119 VOL 11 PUBLISHED 2/24/2006

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Contest curbs extra energy use

St. Olaf is at war with Carleton. This war is not in the classroom or on the field, it is entrenched in the walls of our very residence halls. Yes, this is a war of electricity.

Paper count down

Due to a fall surplus of newspapers from USA Today’s Collegiate Readership Program, students will see fewer newspapers and more re-read bins around campus this spring.

Organizers, speakers seek to educate on black history

February is Black History Month, a time of both recognition and promotion of African-Americans in history. The study of black history is one of the most controversial subjects in teaching curriculums throughout the United States.

Regents communicate

In the Dec. 2, 2005 issue of the Manitou Messenger, sophomore Joel Bergeland suggested that the Board of regents is physically and conceptually separated from the students and that feelings of mistrust toward the Board have set in among students on the Hill. I am responding on behalf of the Board of Regents. more...


- Olympics spin out of control
- China changes engine
- Separating our online selves
- more opinions...

Faculty flaunt skill and variety

The latest exhibit to inhabit Flaten Art Museum, "Ever Present," is a vibrant testament to the continuing vitality of St. Olaf’s art department. The faculty show, which began on Feb. 6 and will run until March 5th, is the cumulative effort of another year’s work. more...


- 'Pippin' pursues glory
- First year lends voice in Early Music Singers concert
- more arts...

Changing of the guard

Transfers bring fresh perspective to Ole athletics. more...


- Swimmers, divers excel at 'U'
- Hockey teams suffer sweeps
- Inside the Lines: The good, bad and ugly
- more sports...

Ole eye for the Carl guy

Though St. Olaf and Carleton both call Northfield home, Oles and Carls are notorious for not generally mingling. In fact, the two colleges and their student bodies differ as much as night and day. more...


- Posse of Five busts guts, rhymes in the Lair
- The Counterweight responds: Conservative paper seeks to provide balance
- Oscar buzz flies over praise-worthy films
- more variety...
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