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ISSUE 119 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/3/2006

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V-Week events change focus

Last week, St. Olaf College saw the annual celebration of all things woman: V-Week. Focused around the school’s fourth production of Eve Ensler’s "The Vagina Monologues," V-Week was a campus-wide celebration and awareness campaign that sought to raise campus consciousness on many topics, focused on ending violence against women.

Desperately seeking president

Poking around the St. Olaf homepage while wasting time on the Internet the other day, I discovered a hotlink that read, “Presidential search updates.” Ooh! I thought. Maybe there will be a list of candidates. But when I clicked on the link, all I saw was the old advertisement for applicants to the presidency. more...


- Concerning tuition
- Muslims call for peace
- Senior seminars expand
- more opinions...

'Olaf Monologues' gets personal

The yearly St. Olaf production of Eve Ensler's “The Vagina Monologues” made its return last week, but this year, in addition to Ensler's play, several St. Olaf students penned their own monologues for a spin-off dubbed “The St. Olaf Monologues.” more...


- Gisselman talks shop
- Guest artist's 'Spiral Shift' inspires awe
- Woody Allen faults with 'Matchpoint'
- more arts...

Oles advance with win over Cardinals

The St. Olaf women’s hockey team defeated St. Mary’s 4-2 in opening round MIAC playoff action Tuesday night at the Northfield Ice Arena. more...


- Men's indoor nears home stretch of season
- Inside the Lines: Dream becomes reality
- Tennis suffers early season losses
- more sports...

St. Olaf Public Safety: Behind the badge

Armed with familiar (but dreaded) red Jeep Grand Cherokees that whiz around campus performing unknown tasks, “sharp-looking” uniforms, and a handful of radios producing mostly white noise and whispered instructions, one may say St. Olaf's Public Safety (PS) team is somewhat of a faceless-but-nonetheless-fear-conjuring-entity on campus. more...


- Wiggles & Wok cooks up healthy alternative
- Revelations of a geek renaissance
- Hugging your heart: Consider exercise, diet
- more variety...
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