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ISSUE 119 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/23/2005

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Lair opens in Pause

Last week, the Pause celebrated the opening of its new acoustic venue, the Lion's Lair. Located next to the Pause kitchen, the Lion's Lair provides students with a café-style space in which to enjoy acoustic music, among other things.

Sustainability critique shallow

I was angry after I read the criticism of St. Olaf’s sustainability theme on the conservative website more...


- Rethinking drinking
- National disaster lays Bush's failures bare
- Kanye West oversimplifies disaster
- more opinions...

'Fjord Born' smorgasbord

The first art exhibition of the year, “Fjord Born,” opened Thursday, Sept. 15 in St. Olaf’s Flaten Art Museum. The work comes from a group of artists who live on the Hardanger Fjord in Norway. They hope to connect different artists who live along the remote eastern shores of Hardanger to establish a new identity or add to the traditional identity of the region. more...


- Lucky Boys clarified
- ‘Die Schöne Mullerin’ delights
- more arts...

Long-awaited victory: Oles hold on, gain first victory against Bethel since 1992

The last time the St. Olaf football team beat Bethel University, the world was a very different place. The first George Bush was serving his last months in office, cellphones resembled large plastic bricks and most of today’s college seniors were just getting their feet wet in the third grade. more...


- Injury inspires rebirth for Andrade
- Women capture win at Ole Invite
- Hoff tops the pack at home, propels team to sixth
- more sports...

Left of the Dial on KSTO

Does anyone really listen to KSTO? Most students on the St. Olaf campus are vaguely aware of the station’s existence, but few take the time to explore its programming. more...


- Hitting the books
- The Bravery, not just and honest mistake
- Freshman follies: Guide to forming first-year friendships
- more variety...
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