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ISSUE 119 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/28/2005

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Rumor has it: Dean Kneser rented out the Legion on Halloween

Rumor has it that Dean of Students Greg Kneser rented out the American Legion for all of the open days around Halloween to prevent students from having parties during the holiday weekend. This rumor is false.

Royal visit mixes tradition, absurdity

Last Thursday, the entire campus was abuzz about His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, but this is America! Unlike the French, we didn’t kill our king, but we did tell him where to shove it. more...


- State of health
- Letter to the editor
- Runner offers apology
- more opinions...

'Grateful Praise' raises in Boe

Cantorei Choir, directed by Conductor John Ferguson, wrapped up its seven-city Fall Break tour Thursday, with a home performance in Boe Memorial Chapel. more...


- Vespers focuses on pilgrimage
- Russian illustrator visits classes
- more arts...

Battle of the Titans

There have been a handful of truly critical games in St. Olaf football history, but few have been as momentus as this one. more...


- Offensive outburst continues: Football trounces Hamline, looks ahead to St. John's
- Inside the Lines: Refs get a bad rap
- Sport and religion conference tackles issues
- more sports...

From a basement on the hill: Exploring the underbelly of campus bands

If F. Melius Christiansen were a student at St. Olaf College today, would he play lead guitar for a campus band and routinely stage dive like Eddie Vedder? For over a hundred years St. Olaf has a long history of supporting musical excellence, but the specter of the on-campus music organizations has often eclipsed student bands striving to fill a vacant niche in alternative music. more...


- Cosmetologist cuts a good deal
- Friendly ghosts roam dorms
- Decemberists set sail at First Ave.: Portland rockers impress with theatrical performance
- more variety...
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