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ISSUE 120 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/23/2007

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Monologues Move

“The Vagina Monologues” writer Eve Ensler never dreamt that her one-woman act, based on intimate interviews conducted with over 200 females, would spark a yearly global movement dedicated to eradicating the suffering of abused women. St. Olaf’s annual V-Week brings the issues in “The Vagina Monologues” to campus and involves many students in the week’s events.

Month celebrates role in arts

February is celebrated as Black History Month, both across the nation and at St. Olaf. The Cultural Union of Black Expression (CUBE), Multicultural Affairs and Community Outreach (MACO), Karibu, Muslim Student Association (MSA), Diversity Celebrations Committee (DCC) and Student Activities Committee (SAC) will sponsor activities.

Turn on the taps in Buntrock

After four years of life on the Hill and four years of writing for the Manitou Messenger I can accurately say that no story, no collective narrative has enraptured the students of St. Olaf as much as the drinking policy. more...


- Pause the Carnival?
- Pause the Carnival?
- Diaper lady crosses line, country
- more opinions...

Flaten features ceramic art

Whether you're an experienced ceramist or your only familiarity with the material comes from the cafeteria dishware, the wide variety of artwork in “Ceramics Today: Local, regional and national talent,” currently in Flaten Art Museum, is not to be missed. The exhibit features a multitude of pieces by 31 artists that range from the functional to the experimental. more...


- Plastic Constellations preview new music
- An intimate look into ‘The Lives of Others’
- Rapp shares new memoir
- more arts...

Q & A: Ballin' with Mad Dog - Mess, Wolves' Madsen talk about media, life and basketball

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Mark Madsen recently sat down with the Mess to discuss the media, life and basketball. more...


- Tommies end playoff run
- Inside the Lines: End of an era
- Swimmers make big splash at 'U'
- more sports...

Bockfest 2007: What a beer blast!

Tucked into the heart of the Minnesota River Valley, New Ulm spreads out over a small swath of flat prairie land. A sprinkling of sensible single family homes cluster around the outside of the city center, while a smattering of Midwestern manufacturing staples like 3M, Kraft Foods and Caterpillar are scattered throughout the new outcrop of suburban developments that have popped up over the past decade. more...


- Trackers seek campus critters
- Potter fanatics debate Snape
- Apple stuns industry with new iPhone: Steve Jobs' new wonder gizmo innovates, carries high price tag
- more variety...
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