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ISSUE 121 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/7/2007

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Old memorials promote new peace

"In the new world in which we live, textual accounts of death have been replaced with visual images promoting peace in the future," assistant professor of Asian visual culture Karil Kucera told students, faculty and staff Thursday, Nov. 29.

This week in St. Olaf history

In 1992, Pastor Benson wrote a poem capturing the essence of the Christmas season on Manitou Heights.

Tunnels incite forbidden adventure

In a place where secrets are currency, it wouldn't surprise anyone that underground networks hold a history of intrigue. more...


- Gamers sacrifice academics
- Opinions editors cast blame
- Clinton alienates
- more opinions...

Christmas Festival enchants

Now in its 96th year, amidst distractions of four nights of Twin Cities Public Television cameras and the responsibility of sharing a live Sunday concert with 197 extra audiences, all involved in Christmas Fest can say they beautifully maintained the festival's tradition as an outgrowth of Christian conviction and an expression of the college's rich musical heritage. more...


- Guthrie welcomes Dickens'
- Pfaff pioneers installation art
- 'Co-Motion' Preview
- more arts...

Women capture MIAC win

Wednesday the St. Olaf women's basketball team climbed out of the cellar in the MIAC with a 45-37 home win over a rejuvenated Augsburg program. more...


- Lackluster performance, late penalties chill weekend
- Athletes swim to success at elite meet
- Inside the Lines: Moments to appreciate
- more sports...

Seek, and you shall find

February may be designated Black History Month, but black history is woven into every day of every week of every month of every year. Without black history there would be no light bulb, there would be no refrigerator, no traffic light and no ironing board. more...


- Northfield: A Rocky History
- Getting gifts on a budget
- Norwegian sweaters bombard senses
- more variety...
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