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ISSUE 121 VOL 11 PUBLISHED 2/22/2008

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Green policy praises justice

Last November, a troop of nine St. Olaf students journeyed to College Park, Md. to join 6,000 other students from around the nation to partake in Powershift 2007.

V-week allows discourse for all

A global movement to stop violence against women and girls, V-Day is celebrated at St. Olaf with a full-fledged V-Week of sexuality-related discourse.

Positions offered in Pause programs

At its meeting Tuesday, SGA'a Student Senate approved a proposal for the creation of the Music Entertainment Committee, a new branch of student government.

Hillary vulnerable to discimination

I was asked by the Manitou Messenger to write an editorial about the concepts of gender and race. Not just gender and race, mind you, although those subjects alone are enough to be considered controversial topics of discussion in today's increasingly politically correct climate. more...


- Alcohol defeats activism
- Buses provide sanctuary
- A Word from Our Editors: Vandalism troubles
- more opinions...

Interim play blends dream and reality

St. Olaf Theater performed Pedro Calderon de la Barca's "Life is a Dream" February 8-10 and 14-16. more...


- Apprentices discuss art, break hearts
- St. Olaf orchestra returns for a romantic evening
- more arts...

Men fail in bid for playoffs

9-0. That was the Carleton scoring run to start Wednesday night's men's basketball cross-campus showdown, and the Knights lead through much of the game sat right at or near that number. more...


- Women post big upset
- Rival Royals slide past men
- After coach's bold move in goal, women split with Bethel
- more sports...

The Revolution Will Be Digitized

Without a doubt, this year is a presidential election year. Like most election cycles, this one has been marked by the usual hubbub of activity  debates, ads, annoying phone calls that ruin dinner, and, of course, more debates. I more...


- Gamers customize consoles
- Seasons bounce back after writers' strike
- Southgate surprises
- more variety...
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