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ISSUE 121 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/7/2008

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Women silenced no more

As the final Black History Month event hosted by the Cultural Union for Black Expression this year, the "Loudest Form of Silence" was both an entertaining as well as an informative event.

Retreat urges changes

Last weekend, 40 students hopped in a few vans and headed to Good Earth Village, an environmental retreat center to discuss the privileged lives many St. Olaf students have.

Seniors pledge future donations

Hundreds of seniors flocked to the Pause Friday, Feb. 29 to pledge donations after graduation.

Raúl recommences repression

As president, Raúl Castro will not change the Cuban system of government. Rather, he will do everything he can to ensure it will not change. more...


- Nader advances enterprising alternative
- A Word from Our Editors: Public service, debt and loan forgiveness
- A Word from Our Editors: Public service, debt and loan forgiveness
- more opinions...

Gemineye performs poetry in the Pause

It's only fitting that spoken-word artist Gemineye would be named after a dual-natured astrological sign. more...


- The Rhythm Project dancers generate new beats
- 'The Syringa Tree' explores racism in South Africa
- more arts...

Baseball gets past Grinnell; pitching helps beleagured offense to pair of victories at Metrodome

Returning to campus at 3:15 a.m. isn't so bad after a doubleheader sweep, as the St. Olaf baseball team discovered late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. more...


- Skiers prepare for national races
- Tennis recovers
- Inside the Lines: Jeering, jawing on the road
- more sports...

Consumer Advocacy: Fighting the man

In the post-Enron world, consumers are increasingly skeptical of large corporations. In an environment where corporate executives like Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skillings can commit widespread corporate fraud -- an act which, in their case, cost shareholdings and employees billions of dollars when the company went bankrupt -- consumers are certainly justified for feeling a little wary. more...


- Academy Awards play to favorites
- Class sizes create challenges
- Waffle bar promises renewed nightlife
- more variety...
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