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ISSUE 121 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/18/2008

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Asian trivia tested

Ulaanbaater is the capitol of which Asian country? What Asian city is the planet's largest feature film producer? These were among the many questions that were a part of the 2008 Rice Bowl Trivia Contest hosted as part of this year's Asia Weeks celebration.

U.N. counsel offers critique

Mohammed Bekhechi, lead legal counsel of the World Bank, briefly described several plans for sustainably improving the quality of living in Africa on Thursday evening in Viking Theater.

Earth Day spurs involvement

Next week, St. Olaf will hold a series of events in celebration of Earth Day and the promotion of sustainability on campus. Earth Week, a celebration put on by the St. Olaf Environmental Coalition, will have a series of events both on campus, at Carleton and in Northfield.

Academic totem crumbles

Sometimes I feel like there's an intellectual totem pole at this school. Physics majors roll their eyes at biology majors, who then rip into English majors, who scoff at psychology majors and everyone then unites in their desire to poke fun at sociology/anthropology majors. I'm definitely guilty of it. You're probably guilty of it, and it's getting a more than a little ridiculous. more...


- Activists misconstrue Tibetan situation
- Distance diverts support
- History neglected
- more opinions...

Cantorei Choir returns home for reflections, alleluias

Glorious choruses of "Alleluia" resounded through Boe Memorial Chapel on Monday evening as the St. Olaf Cantorei presented their home concert after returning to campus from their weekend tour. more...


- Veselica Spring Concert delights: Dancers take journey around the world on stage
- 'Searchers' shocks viewers with forgotten prejudices
- more arts...

Rival hitters down baseball: St. Thomas deals baseball first two losses of the MIAC season

Darkness threatened as St. Thomas finished the second win of a doubleheader sweep over the St. Olaf baseball team Wednesday evening at Mark Almli Field. more...


- Softball sweeps
- Golf shakes winter weather
- Tale of two matches for women
- more sports...

Hoofin' It: Car-free and Carefree In Northfield

I finally did it! I stopped using my car. Its battery had to die twice before I made the transition, but nonetheless it was a mighty decision to make. I haven't touched the thing since December, and I couldn't be happier about it. more...


- Adventurous dating opportunities abound
- Sex on the Hill: Warm up to the female orgasm
- 'Metal Gear' collection worth $30 pricetag
- more variety...
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