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ISSUE 121 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/26/2007

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U.N. Day recognizes national pride

St. Olaf’s 2007-2008 theme of global citizenship came to life Wednesday during the college’s first annual celebration of United Nations Day.

Safi supports ethic of love

Omid Safi, professor of religion at University of North Carolina, advocated love as the solution to global troubles in his Oct. 17 chapel talk and lecture “Getting beyond the Clash of Civilizations: a Religious Perspective.”

Pay attention or get medicated

I am writing to question America’s influence on the undeniable rise in ADD and AD/HD diagnoses over the past twenty-five years. more...


- United Kingdom misinterprets cellulite problem
- Fireside breeds community
- Watson touts racism
- more opinions...

Singers debut Bizet's 'Carmen'

Twenty-one of St. Olaf’s talented singers opened this year’s lyrical theater season with Bizet’s “Carmen”. more...


- Discover your creative destiny
- 'Living water' renews vespers
- more arts...

Playoff hopes swept away

Before Wednesday, the volleyball team was streaking towards a playoff berth. The women entered Wednesday's match at Hamline with a 7-1 record in their last eight matches, poised to claim the sixth and final spot in the MIAC playoff tournament. more...


- Legitimizing recognition
- Women suffer though tough results
- Runners get set for MIACs
- more sports...

A Skeptic's Guide to Halloween

Now, I know that an article on skepticism the week before Halloween is a pretty big buzzkill, so let me just explain that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays ever (except for the candy corn... please come by our room and eat some of our candy corn). I love fall, I love pumpkins, I love costumes and I love ghost stories. more...


- Halloween Events
- Practice makes perfect with pictures
- Like a Virgin
- more variety...
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