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ISSUE 121 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 11/2/2007

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Sada touts U.S. policy

Gen. Georges Sada, a man who served as one of the highest generals to Saddam Hussein and saved 40 coalition prisoners of war from execution during the Gulf War, took the Boe Chapel podium to loud applause.

Alumnae authors present

Award-winning authors P.J. Lambrecht '63 and Traci Lambrecht '89, known for their Monkeewrench thriller series, said the inspiration for their popular books came from three places: a love of reading thriller novels, the need for a marketable book and the computer game Solitaire.

$6,500 allocated by SGA

St. Olaf's Student Government Association has earmarked $6,500 to support students attending off-campus conferences.

A Word from Our Editors: Our community

For the past two-plus years, "community" has been difficult to define. Sure, we talk about it, sometimes in passing, other times in serious conversation. But are we really understanding of this complex word? more...


- Iraq war lacks cultural impact
- Executions resuscitate debate
- Directors tune KSTO
- more opinions...

Revelations of Mann delight

Only one word ricocheted off the inner walls of my brain as I sat in the audience of Kelsey Theater on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The word bounced back and forth like a strung out ping-pong ball, and by the end of David Mann’s original one-man show, “Revelations of Mann,” I had to speak it. “Schizophrenia.” more...


- Professor pianists do the 'Monster Mash'
- Dancer Keith Johnson teaches, performs
- more arts...

Carlson leads women to third place in MIAC

The St. Olaf women’s cross country team put together another convincing performance Saturday at the MIAC Championship meet, taking third out of 12 schools. more...


- Men shock cross-town rivals
- Women finish strong
- Volleyball chinks Knights' armor
- more sports...

From dorm to apartment: How to make the smart switch

Let’s face it, moving out of the dorms on the St. Olaf campus and into off-campus living arrangements can be a little harrowing sometimes. more...


- Radiohead shines on 'In Rainbows'
- Apple orchards peddle fall fun
- Midwest author to visit Carleton
- more variety...
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