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ISSUE 121 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/9/2007

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Human rights advocated

Environmentalist and human rights activist Winona LaDuke explained that her vision for constructing world peace lies in re-localizing the economy by promoting sustainable food and energy lifestyles.

Life of former student Kosevich honored

Friends and family members mourn the death of St. Olaf student Tim Kosevich.

Website skews campus diversity

One of the biggest issues currently facing college campuses across the nation is the recruitment and integration of a diverse student body, faculty and staff. more...


- FEMA discriminates in disaster relief efforts
- Green fuel threat dramatized
- Go acculturate
- more opinions...

Minnesota choirs gather

On Nov. 4, 35 high school and church choirs from around the state gathered with St. Olaf's five main choirs in Skoglund Center Auditorium for the 105th annual St. Olaf Choral Festival. more...


- Fiction & Poetry: Keeping a Straight Face
- Sewell Ballet premiers 'Kinetic Head'
- St. Paul Chamber Orchestra delights
- more arts...

Second half buries Carleton

Few 85-28 games are actually closer than the score indicates, but that was the case in St. Olaf's Cereal Bowl victory at Carleton Saturday. more...


- Swimmers find their legs in early home meet
- Gusties finally halt soccer's playoff run
- Inside the Lines: NBA to rebound?
- more sports...

From Regular Guy to Rock Guy: The Guitar Hero Story

The half-sized, plastic guitars packaged with the "Guitar Hero" games, with their big, primary color buttons, might have more in common with Playskool than Metallica, but they've become a pop culture icon since the first "Guitar Hero's" release. more...


- Disorder explored
- Wayward Hayward visits the Pause
- Sex on the Hill: Non-linear Relationships
- more variety...
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