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ISSUE 116 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/11/2002


Politically speaking: Liberal views dominate campus

Political groups from across the spectrum agree that Saint Olaf is a politically diverse college with an active and involved student body and many opportunities for learning about political issues. While there is a Democratic majority, the College Republicans and College Greens also have a strong presence on campus.

Forum plans educational opportunities for women

Last week the Senior Women’s Forum held its first organizational meeting of the year in Ytterboe Lounge. Previously known as the Senior Women’s Honor Society, the current faculty are Karen Sawyer, assistant professor of English, and Angela Goehring, coordinator of International Student Services.

Shot at safety

The correlation between handguns and violence in our country has long been debated within political circles. The issue over whether or not gun control laws should be implemented has become a popular partisan issue and one that divides political ideologies.

Candidates reflect on controversial topics

With the ongoing debate over the U.S.’s position on Iraq, Republican congressional candidate John Kline recently weighed in with his opinion on the issue.

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