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ISSUE 117 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/19/2004


Alumni giving refines goals

With a week full of midterms, papers and projects, Spring Break beginning on Friday, and the end of the school year just around the corner, the last thing most students are thinking about is becoming an alum and giving money to St. Olaf. Alumni Giving and Senior Giving, however, allow students and alumni to continue making an impact on St. Olaf long after graduation, and their giving affects all students, past, present and future.

Fine arts major to be phased out

The interdisciplinary fine arts major (IDFA) has been part of St. Olaf for 23 years. The program integrates music, dance, theatre and art into one course of study and seeks to collaborate between these four disciplines. Over the next three years, however, this collaboration will end as the major is phased out.

Community Time debated

Thursday afternoons at St. Olaf may soon look different. A faculty task force has recently turned a proposal over to President Christopher Thom-forde and Dean and Provost James May that could eliminate community time.

Pondering politics: numerous questions raised at Bush debate

Amid the recent controversy surrounding St. Olafs political diversity, the Political Awareness Committee (PAC)-sponsored Bush debate Tuesday could not have been more timely.

Budget issues cut Wellness Center funds

Due to budget cuts, the Wellness Center will lose its only staffed professional, Renee Sauter 95, next year. The decision, made in January, will make the Wellness Center an entirely student-run organization. The change may also mean a possible move of the Wellness Center facilities into the SORC in Buntrock Commons.

Musicians play for peace

After nearly one year of war, resulting in 564 Ame-rican casualties in Iraq, Peace and Justice continued a tradition with Pause for Peace II Tuesday night in the Lions Pause.

Safety bus restricted

Although there was a bus sponsored by St. Olaf Mothers Against Drunk Driving (SOMADD) taking students home from the L&M Bar in Dundas Wednesday (St. Patricks Day), a recent decision made by the St. Olaf administration restricts such "safety buses" from transporting students to the bar.

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