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ISSUE 117 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/14/2004


Excellence acknowledged

On Friday, May 7, students, parents and faculty gathered together in Boe Memorial Chapel for the annual Honors Day Celebration. When classes let out 15 minutes early on Friday, a large number of students walked down to the chapel for the ceremony.

Science lectures stimulate

St. Olaf hosted its sixth annual Science Symposium on Friday, May 7. The symposium focused on chaos theory and its applications in the scientific world and in broader society.

Residence Life set for move out

With just over a week to go, St. Olaf students are looking beyond the books to the bookshelf and wondering what to do with all of their stuff come move-out day. The amount of stuff a student can fit into one tiny living space is truly amazing, and St. Olaf provides plenty of options for students who wish to store their boxes, blankets and books on campus over the summer months.

Projected first year class increases in Minnesotans

As the May 1 deadline for college admissions approached, high school seniors made a life changing decision: where they would attend college. This year, St. Olaf admitted more students than ever, and so far, many accepted students have decided to attend St. Olaf.

Studying hard during vacation

While many St. Olaf students return home for the summer and take a break from campus life, other students choose to keep taking classes on campus during the summer months. Summer classes at St. Olaf begin June 7.

News Digest

Chechnyan President Akhmad Kadyrov was assassinated Sunday in an bomb blast at a stadium in Grozny that killed five others and injured 57. He was attending celebrations marking Victory Day, a national holiday in Russia marking the 59th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis in World War II.

Thomforde goes missing

The hunt is on again for the missing Thomometer, the cardboard cutout of President Thomforde used for recording the progress of the senior giving campaign. However, this year, a special incentive is in place for the thieves if the cutout is returned.

Banquet recognizes retirees

St. Olaf College President Christopher Thomforde hosted a banquet to honor St. Olaf. retirees on Tuesday, May 11.

Questioning origins of life

On Thursday, May 6, St. Olaf students and faculty, along with other distinguished individuals, came to listen to Michael Behe give his speech "Chance or Purpose?: The Case for Intelligent Design in Biology." The lecture was sponsored by the Philosophy department and the Boldt Distinguished Teaching Chair in the Humanities.

Past, future unite for Celebration Weekend

Celebrating alongside the seniors on the weekend of graduation are the class reunions  the class of 1979 and the graduating classes in five year increments from 1934 to 1979.

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