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ISSUE 118 VOL 1 PUBLISHED 9/17/2004


WCAL sale raises concerns

When St. Olaf students returned to life on the Hill, they found their college immersed in a growing controversy over the sale of St. Olafs radio station, WCAL, to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR).

Sustainable power harnessed: Xcel approves $1.5 million wind energy grant

As most students have recognized by now, it gets windy up here on campus. Though the wind can sometimes prove bothersome, it will soon serve as a means to power St. Olaf. Starting this spring, the wind will be harnessed to generate electricity. Xcel Energy recently announced St. Olaf was a recipient of a $1.5 million grant to construct a 1.65-megawatt wind-turbine.

Beloved band director passes away

If there is any line for which Miles "Mity" H. Johnson, director of the St. Olaf Band from 1957-1994, is famous, "It all starts with the music" is certainly it.

A chance to give back: Volunteers called to make a difference

As the school year begins, many students find themselves ready to get involved with the community outside of the classroom. Fortunately, the St. Olaf Volunteer Network, a program on campus that helps students get involved with the community, held its annual fair Wednesday evening in Buntrock Commons.

More flexible meal plan gives, takes: Changes include renovated Cage, flex dollars, new hours

In response to budgeting issues, Bon Appétit presented a new meal plan last spring which would save the college money and bring more business to the Cage.

Convocation encourages respect

President Thomforde presided over the opening convocation to celebrate the start of a new school year on Thursday, Sept. 9. Professor of history Robert Nichols gave the keynote address for the annual ceremony, held in Boe Chapel. St. Olaf students, faculty and administration filled the chapel.

Refurbishing helps cut expenses

Despite increased tuition, staff reorganization and rumors of financial turmoil, returning Oles were welcomed by a new Cage, plans for a wind turbine and 20 new Adirondack chairs scattered about the campus.

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