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ISSUE 118 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/15/2004


Surplus debated: Senate hears ideas for spending money

Student Senate came one step closer to distributing its $100,000 surplus when it held an open forum for student and faculty ideas.

SaveWCAL stays strong

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) draws closer to making a decision about the summer sale of 89.3 FM WCAL to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), SaveWCAL and Students for WCAL have redoubled their efforts to gain supporters and inform the public of its belief that the radio station was sold unjustly, without consulting students or alumni.

MTV rocks voting youth

Early Monday morning, buses and trucks pulled into the Buntrock Commons parking lot to set up for MTVs "Rock the Vote," which promotes the upcoming election.

Northfield boasts clean, safe water

Lately, there have been concerns on campus regarding the cleanliness of St. Olaf's water supply. However, students can rest assured that St. Olaf uses some of the safest and cleanest water in Minnesota.

Mascot in question

The costume Ole the Lion, St. Olaf's mascot, has deteriorated to such a point that it needs to be replaced immediately, and the discussion of simply buying a new lion costume similar to the current costume has been coupled with talks of changing the mascot entirely.

Haven for all to play: Accessible playground planned for handicapped

Thanks to the efforts of two St. Olaf alumni, Northfield will soon be home to a handicapped accessible playground. The project is the idea of Beth Newman Benson '92, who wanted a way for her disabled son to enjoy a day at the park. Most playgrounds, although in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, require a child to get out of his or her wheelchair in order to use the equipment. Steps, ladders and ropes often keep disabled children from joining others on higher levels of the structure; Benson envisioned a playground where "at least they could go where their friends go."

Future nurse receives award

Rebecca Busch '05 recently received a $2,500 scholarship from the American Association of College Nursing, a prestigious national award, given to only six students across the country. The award is open to both baccalaureate and graduatelevel nursing students. Busch was one of only two baccalaureate students to receive the scholarship in the country.

Battleground states energized

Living in a swing state, Minnesota voters may experience an increase in political activism this year. Organizations from both parties are making a strong push for their candidate and both candidates continue to make monthly visits to the state.

Abroad cohort connects to Asia

In an effort to stimulate international study and increase the international student population on campus, St. Olaf began a new program in September with Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

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