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ISSUE 119 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/2/2005


PBS features Norway tour

A new St. Olaf special, "A St. Olaf Christmas in Norway," will air on PBS this holiday season. The program will feature the St. Olaf Choir, the Nidaros Cathedral Girls Choir (also called Jentekor) and Norwegian mezzo soprano, Randi Stene, at the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.

Cuts take toll

After last year’s unseen budget surplus, Student Government Association (SGA) is beginning to feel the constraints of its 2003-2004 budget cut. Although the cut has resulted in slightly diminished funding, SGA is attempting to continue the programs, activities and events valued most by students.

Grade inflation balloons

Grade inflation is sweeping the nation, and St. Olaf is no exception. "My investigation clearly documented a significant rise in St. Olaf grades over the last several decades," said Lynn Steen, special assistant to the provost.

Rumor has it: One of the characters on the television show "The Golden Girls" went to St. Olaf

Bette White’s character, Rose Nylund, on the sitcom the “The Golden Girls” did not go to St. Olaf College, but rather was from the fictional town of St. Olaf, Minn. When the producers of the show conceived of Rose and her hometown, they were completely unaware that St. Olaf College existed.

Stav Hall suffers theft, worker shortage

Along with the victims of residence hall burglaries, Bon Appétit has also dealt with recent thefts. Students may not be as upset about these thefts, however, because students are the likely perpetrators.

Broomball returns

Though the 140- by 72-foot broomball rink is a new addition to the Ytterboe lawn, broomball is not a new sport to St. Olaf. Before the Tostrud Athletic Center opened in 2002, two ice rinks stood in its place. When the center was built, St. Olaf lost the rinks and broomball as an intramural sport, a "pretty big loss" according to Director of Intramural Sports Kevin Cook.

Survey gauges job satisfaction, political views

The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty Survey, made available on the St. Olaf website in early November, provided a wealth of data on the satisfaction, teaching style and demographics of St. Olaf professors. The survey addressed such issues as political views, academic careers and overall job satisfaction.

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