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ISSUE 119 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/10/2006


Building relocations finalized

Even though the new Science Complex will not be completed for at least three to five years, changes anticipating the construction will begin as early as the end of the current semester.

There's no place like Boe

Sights, sounds and smells of construction greet students who walk through the hallway outside Boe Chapel, inciting curiosity and excitement within the St. Olaf community. Current plans for Boe involve moving the choir risers and organ to the front of the chapel, and frame the stained glass window with organ pipes. A thrust platform for the altar table will extend further out into the congregation, with additional seating on the sides of the platform.

Survey guages climate

In the interest of promoting respect and understanding among students, faculty, administration and staff, St. Olaf issued a call to the community to respond to the Campus Climate Survey, which official closed today.

Month honors women, religion

"Women in Religion" is the theme of Women’s History Month this year at St. Olaf.

Rumor has it... A new road will be constructed on campus this summer

In addition to building relocations, major construction will be begin this summer on a new road proposed to circle the campus.

Citizenship discussed

"No person is or should be illegal," said Susana De León, a representative from the Owatonna-based immigrant interest group Centro Campesino.

Senior giving campaign kicks off

Members of the senior class streamed into the Pause last Wednesday, beckoned by promises of T-shirts and pizza. The purpose for their gathering, however, was more important than free pizza.

Senate reaches out

Lack of student response to Talkback Tuesday has prompted the Student Senate subcommittee to consider new ways of gathering student feedback this semester.

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