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ISSUE 119 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/7/2005


Northfield residents angry: Off-campus housing presents problems for neighbors

After an increase in complaints from Northfield residents about the behavior of St. Olaf and Carleton students who live off campus, Northfield citizens started a petition, asking that they be able to see rental ordinances of Northfield rental property.

Seafood tour educates

The Save Seafood Tour rolled into town Wednesday night. Instead of bringing loud music, flashing lights and screaming girls, this tour brought facts about the state of the world'’s fish populations to a handful of quiet students.

Website raises concern

The national college craze "Facebook," a website that allows students to network within their own college and among other colleges, has received much acclaim from students who have used the website to find long-lost friends or gather information about classmates.

Composter coincides with ‘List’

In the spirit of this year'’s theme of sustainability, St. Olaf food waste products from the cafeteria are no longer simply being added to the landfill. Instead, the college now possesses an operating composter, the end of the line for products from Bon Appétit.

Local food day serves meals close to home

St. Olaf diners stepped up to the "Eat Local Challenge" posed by Bon Appétit and all of its branches across the nation for lunch on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Positions awarded

Three science professors received the honor of being named to endowed chairs, announced Sept. 27.

Admissions laptop stolen

A laptop computer containing personal data about the incoming class of 2009 was stolen from the vehicle of an admissions staff member the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 7, in the St. Paul area. As of Wednesday, Oct. 5, the computer had not been recovered.

Archivist’s ‘Tidbit Tour’ proves tasty

Students and staff have the opportunity to pick up little known pieces of St. Olaf history through 'Walk and Learn Tidbit Tours,' a series of campus tours led by Assistant College Archivist Jeff Sauve.

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